GEC(GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP COIN) promote global environmental protection

GEC(GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP COIN) promote global environmenta

February 16,2017

GEC is designed by the World Environment and Entrepreneurship Foundation open source software and the construction of its P2P network. Is a P2P form of digital currency. Point-to-point transmission means a decentralized payment system.
Unlike most currencies, GEC does not rely on a specific currency institution. It generates a large number of calculations based on a specific algorithm. GEC uses a distributed database of nodes across the entire P2P network to identify and record all transactions, Designed to ensure the safety of all aspects of currency circulation. The de-centralized nature of P2P and the algorithm itself can ensure that the currency can not be artificially manipulated by mass manufacturing of GEC. Cryptographic-based design allows the GEC to be transferred or paid only by the real owner. This also ensures currency ownership and anonymity of tradable transactions.
The GEC began operating on February 17, 2017, and the GEC release rate was halved every five years by an equal ratio, eventually reaching a total of about 8 billion, about 400 times bit-coin, 100 times the Letters, The number of people per capita in the world allows GEC to achieve a faster global circulation.
The GEC is launched by the World Eco-Business Initiative to provide a global perspective on the protection and development of the global ecological environment through the global proliferation of GEC. The gradual increase in value through the GEC will allow enough people to participate in the GEC The economic base contributes to global environmental protection.

How do I get GEC?
GEC is a P2P digital currency. You can download and run GEC software to participate in the manufacture of GEC. You can obtain it through your "mining" computer "mining". To ensure a reasonable growth of the value of GEC, the Green Entrepreneurship Global Foundation will Conduct mining and circulation in a limited area, and then publicize its mining pool and online open trading platform in due course to achieve true global market circulation.
Now you can purchase GEC by purchasing a mining machine for "mining" or GEC in the trading center.
GEC system officially launched, the World Environment and Entrepreneurship Foundation will be sent free of charge in the global 10 million micro-miners (each value of 11 GEC), trading center (P2P transactions) are also synchronized on-line, GEC trading center using P2P concept, All the transactions between users are point-to-point directional transactions
GEC initial trading price of 0.01 US dollars, the platform trading center daily trading data under the control of GEC increase to ensure that the GEC stable rise is expected within 30 days GEC value of the minimum 50 times, 90 days minimum
100 times, 1 year minimum growth of 1000 times .

What is a cloud machine?

Through a large number of professional computing chips, and with a special motherboard slot, coupled with high-speed cloud server applications, together constitute a large mine network, using multi-chip, multi-processor parallel algorithm, so digging than the personal computer Mine faster, more efficient!
Cloud machine which uses a large number of parallel technology (time parallel + space parallel), the more cloud machine composed of the network, its productivity is stronger, not a simple superposition, but doubling relationship.

Time parallelism
Time parallel refers to time overlap, the introduction of time in the concept of parallelism, so that multiple processes in time staggered, overlapping use of the same machine each chip, in order to speed up the chip turnover and win the speed.

Space parallelism
Space parallelism refers to resource repetition, introducing spatial factors in the concept of parallelism, and greatly improving the processing speed of mine machine by the principle of "quantity win". Large scale and super large scale chipsets bring huge space parallel technology to cloud machine Vitality, and thus become a major way to achieve parallel processing. 

GEC Cloud Machine hosted in the world's largest cloud computing service Switch company is located in Las Vegas SuperNA7 data center, the data center customers include eBay, Xerox, Amazon, DreamWorks, etc., more than 1,000 institutions, And provide security, energy efficiency services to thousands of servers owned by these organizations.